Happy Easter!

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Hej all!

To all of you a happy celebration of new-birthing whatever you feel needs a makeover in your life!

As you may or may not have seen this blog is still new and under construction. Over the past few days I’ve been working constantly on setting up the basics.

I am doing this, while I am moving from an unexpected three-month stay in Dublin, Ireland back to my home in Hamburg, Germany.  Instead of choosing the fastest, most stressful and most draining way my partner Kim and I decided to take a longer and more adventurous route and nourish ourselves with lots of inspiration in travelling the United Kingdom by car and ferry and make a turn over Amsterdam, Netherlands on our way back.

We have been to Belfast, Northern Ireland for a few days, have visited the Giant’s Causeway on Northern Ireland’s northern coast and, today, took the ferry to Douglas on the Isle of Man from where I am currently writing these lines.

I am intending to let the inspiration that I find on this trip also nourish the content of this blog.  Yet, I am human and need sleep, food and integration time, too.  So please be patient if you have to wait for updates and articles a bit longer than you maybe have expected.  I am on it.  I am connected.  I just sometimes first need to fill the well of creativity before I am ready to express it.  And besides:  expressing myself within this medium is fairly new for me, too.

This, for now, as an update for those who are excitedly waiting for what there is to discover in this new space.  I admit, I am curious about that, myself.  😉

Much love from Manx EllanVannin in the Irish Sea,


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