Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day 2012-1 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Hej folks!

In my last post I shared a bit about my traveling.  The tour through UK now has come to a close by boarding the ferry from England to Netherlands last Friday.  By reaching the European mainland after the overnight ride, yesterday, a new circle has begun.

I am now writing these lines from Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands where my partner Kim and I will spend a few days before finally returning to our current home in Hamburg, Germany.

Traveling through the UK, which we did by car, has brought us to many beautiful and interesting places.  The powerful energies of Stonehenge and Glastonbury Abbey for instance felt uplifting, grounding and replenishing at the same time.

Traveling the UK by car and constantly being on the move for two weeks also had its challenges.  For example:

I am vegetarian and allergic to any kind of milk.  Most hotels and restaurants,  finally, can deal with vegetarians.  But accommodating somebody who also cannot eat milk seems to be an insurmountable obstacle for many chefs.  At some places, instead of seeing this as a creative challenge, it was even seen as a personal insult if I would ask for some adjustments for my dietary needs instead of simply eating what was presented to me, regardless of the fact that it would make me feel sick.  At other rather unexpected places like at the take away sandwich stand in Stonehenge, though, it was the most normal thing in the world for the Lady at service to take a look at the ingredients and quickly create a vegetarian and milk free sandwich for me.

At times, when I would repeatedly see rolling eyes on my dietary requests and would have to explain to the same person for the third time that cream is also made from milk and therefore make me sick, I would feel very desperate and like I don’t fit into this world.  It felt like “eat or die”.

Actually I experience this as symptomatically for the old energies in this world.  Get into your box, keep your head down and stay quiet – and that what doesn’t fit will be made fitting.

But what if you choose to love instead of restricting and mutilating yourself – and by this also others?  What if you choose to allow yourself and others the space to be, to be free, to be all that you are?

Often we are fed with empty food that contains no nutrition but toxins to lower our vibration, to keep us numbed and inflexible.  By the media, by the politics, by the food industry.  We eat what they present to us in order to not cause any problems, to not cause any complications, to not cause any inconvenience.  Instead we cause all that to ourselves.

I do not say that eating meat and milk is generally toxic or bad for people.  There are various ways for various people.  What I do say is that the old ways do not provide much space for the individual wellbeing of these variations of life.

So, my question for you, on this Earth Day is:

Where do you take in things that do neither support nor suit you in order to “not cause any problems”?


Is there a way for you to opt out of these patterns and allow more space to be good and loving to your Self?

~ Happy Earth Day 2012-2 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.