Happy May!

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So, we reached the month of May which’s start according to the Celtic calendar indicates the beginning of summer with the feast of Beltane.  This feast celebrates the fertility of beingness and you can see it celebrated in nature as well:  Trees are becoming green, again, the wild herbs are poking their heads out of the earth, everything is blossoming and the animals are partnering.

For me, this May started with some physical issues and some self-empowerment.  My monthly womb pain came back and gave me a bit of a challenge.  There have been times in my life when the pain got so strong, that I would cry because I could not bear it, anymore.  So, when it shows up, now, this fear of that huge pain often accompanies it.

What I do to get through that, usually, is to breathe.  I am practicing conscious soft breathing.  I also put myself into a safe space where I am in my own energy field.  For me as an empath that is vital, at times, to maintain my own connection to my inner source.  The other day, when I was breathing through that attack of painful contraction that made all the lower part of my body cramp I suddenly noticed something.

I was breathing in exactly in that moment, when the seizure became even stronger.  So I (accidentally) was literally breathing it in.  And then something opened.  It was like I had given my body a sign of acceptance, a sign of surrendering into the situation.  I had dropped my resistance against it for a moment.  That did not ease the pain.  But what it did was this:  it made the situation bearable.  Instead of using up energy for the resistance I now was present in the moment and had all my energy for going through what I could not avoid nor change in that moment, anyway.  I experience that as a moment of empowerment.  I gave myself the power to deal with a situation being beyond trust and doubt which up to that moment I had perceived as unbearable.

My question for you, today, is:

Where are you tying up your energy in resistance?  Are there situations in your life where you could create more ease and grace for yourself in surrendering to what is?

Happy May 2012-2 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.