Happy Spring Cleaning!

Happy Spring Cleaning 2012-1 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

In the Northern hemisphere the spring sun lightens up the world more and more.  Not much space left to hide in the dark.  Also not for our concealed aspects of Self.

Due to the energies flooding the earth currently it may be that some old stuff emerges on the surface to be cleared and transformed.  Feelings like sadness, shame, anger, even trauma and other emotions we tend to tuck away during our lives can show up and make us feel as if we are stepping back into old, long left behind realms of our past.

But really, these aspects are not here to bother us.  They only want to be integrated and serve us as the power of all that we are.  What really helps me to deal with them in a loving, peaceful way is to allow and accept them.  Or, like my partner Kim likes to say:  “Face it. Embrace it.”

How do I do that?

I take a moment for myself.  I take a deep breath.  I close my eyes.  I just breathe, softly breathe.

Then, when I am ready, I open up a space where the aspect that seems to cause inconvenience for me can show up.  And I continue to breathe softly.

The space I create is free of judgement.  I am simply observing it, observing what shows up.

As soon as I perceive the aspect showing up, I continue to breathe softly and to observe the space.  I pay attention to the aspect.  I just breathe and am with it.  That is all that it wants:  my acceptance, my love, a space to be.

After a while the aspect lightens up.  The heaviness and density leaves.  Joy and happiness flow in.  The aspect does not have to be frustrated by my rejection anymore.  It is allowed to be happy, to be joy.

Remember:  These aspects are parts of ourselves.  They are like us.  They want what we want.  So, if we want to be treated with love and gentleness, they want to be treated in the same way.  They remind us to be good to ourselves.

How do you treat yourself?  Are there aspects of your Self that you could treat more gently?

Happy Spring Cleaning 2012-2 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.