Happy Shift!

Happy Shift 2012-1 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Currently there is a lot going on in terms of energies.  During the last night of the Central European Time zone the Hunab Ku – also known as Central Sun – was supposed to reach the peak of its journey.  People say that this means an incoming stream of a lot of information especially in the year 2012.  Apart from that the current postings about new energy and company seem to announce another energetic gate opening, another acceleration going on, on a nearly daily basis.

May that be or be not whatever it is.

Reading all that stuff can trigger some panic, like:  oh my god, so much going on again, that is supposed to strain me!

Reading all that can trigger a feeling of support, like:  ah, that is going on with my system right now!

Reading all that can trigger a feeling of “does that all really matter?”.

I guess the truth, like always, depends on the perspective.

As for me, I am noticing a lot going on within and around me.

Old “stuff” is coming up and requiring for release.  New stuff is coming in and requiring for integration.  Generally everything is requiring movement and also maintenance of strength and health.

It looks like balance is the key, here.

But how do I do that in these wild days?

 Here is my technique which for me seems to work out quite well:

 I am checking in with my inner Self every day, several times.  I am asking my Self what I need.  I am allowing my Self to fulfil these needs.  I know – in a sense of knowingness beyond trust and doubt – that following those impulses leads me to exactly where I need, choose and want to be.

Is there doubt, sometimes?  Oh, yes, of course.

Do I base my choices on this doubt?  No, I don’t.

 And that in my experience is a major key for balance:

 Instead of ignoring feelings like doubt, fear and shame, I am acknowledging, that they are there.  I allow them to be.  And I give them a place to be.  I decide how much influence they have on me, not them.

Therefore I am clear on what I have and what I am dealing with.  And that allows me to be clear on what I base my choices on.  And for sure that is something else than the above, like love, connection and peace; because my choices are the foundation for what I create as my life experience.

I know that my life lies in my own hands.  And that is highly reassuring, indeed.

Happy Shift 2012-2 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.