Essence of Existence

Here is the latest post by my partner Kim Kersey on his “Kim Kersey Blog”.
A beautiful observation about how to create choice and peace in opting out of drama and polarity. Enjoy reading it.
Thanks a million for this article, Kim!

Kim Kersey Blog

As we become more and more accustomed to knowing ourselves as spiritual beings having a human experience, I am noticing how that process is without drama or even what we would typically call importance.

Our ability (our choice really) to know ourselves as multidimensional beings has a way of disconnecting our attraction to the games we play that we might call caring, insisting, demanding, standing up for …  that kind of thing.

We then notice that we are connected to much more than the usual third dimensional noise that seemed so important a few seconds before.  We notice peacefulness and a non-polarized place of balance.

From this place, we can experience how a choice is possible, how we can choose to experience the attraction of drama or not.  There is no sense of shame or a sense of having to meet some expectation guided by a pattern of behavior we…

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