Wake-Up Call

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Today I woke up with a feeling of confusion and frustration.

In fact, this feeling kept me awake a good deal of the night.

The trigger for that was a communication that I witnessed on the internet, yesterday, but it really is about the whole situation on this earth.  – So many people are still asleep and unconsciously react on life instead of making choices that are aware.  That is their good right.  I am not judging them for that.  I just do not want to be involved with that kind of energy, anymore.  I am making a choice of love, awareness, peace, connection and understanding every day.  And even though I do not judge it, it yet frustrates me to come across energies of disrespect and projection.

And seeing how deep those patterns are burnt into the behaviour of the different cultures and societies, frustrates me even more.

It frustrates me that so many people still put out a mask of politeness instead of interacting from their true authentic heart and speaking their truth.

It frustrates me that people keep up small talk while big shifts are occurring, just to make sure that the neighbours won’t get the “wrong” impression.

It frustrates me that people keep their head low, holding on to concepts of shame, guilt and blame instead of shining their beautiful light.

It frustrates me that still so many people focus on the negative aspects when they are confronted with beauty, pointing out how impossible it is to have, instead of asking: Hey, how can I maintain that in my life?  Is there something I can do for it?

It frustrates me that so many people still base their choices on fear rather than love – and therefore create more fear.

Frankly, today I feel so pissed off by that!

Do you know this feeling?

The good thing is, there is something, I can do, for myself.  There is something, everybody can do.

I can make a start to change those patterns in my own life.  I can opt out of those structures of behaviour, one step at a time.  And by that I do create a space for a community that acts and interacts in love, awareness, connection, understanding and peace.

And today, I am inviting this potential into my life.  I am breathing it in.  One breath at a time.  And I am choosing to make a start in living love, awareness, connection, understanding and peace.  Now.

What is your choice for today?

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