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Today I feel like my nerves are lying bare and the slightest breath of air is causing an over-stimulating sensation.

In a world where it still seems to be quite common that people just push beyond personal outlines and borders without having respect for their own, nor other’s breathing space, a constitution like the one described above feels especially challenging.  It sometimes feels like I actually have to hide out from the world in order to protect my sore and bare nerves from the annoying noise of common interaction with society.  Like I have to imprison myself in order to have the freedom to be me.

Do you know this feeling?

Over the years I have learned that there are some things I can do.  So, while being in a situation of practicing it myself, I will share the tools experience taught me in case they are also helpful for others.

You may take what resonates and leave the rest.  🙂

1.  Be really gentle to yourself.  Give your inner child the love and gentleness that it requires in this moment.

2.  Be clear on what is really yours.  Often we unconsciously take in feelings and different energies of others.  Ask your heart:  ‘Is this really mine?’

If it is not, let go of it with all the love you have.

If it is, welcome it home with all the love you have.

3.  Be clear on what it is really about.  Is it really that yacking neighbour on the bus station that causes all this annoyance?  Or is it more an energetic pattern that you find in society, expressing itself through that neighbour in this moment?

4.  Allow yourself healthy borders.  Be clear in what you need and what you don’t need and allow yourself to outline yourself from what you don’t need in a clear and peaceful way.  Tell the yacking neighbour with all your love that you currently don’t feel like a conversation and then go away.  Know that it is only your responsibility how you put yourself out there.  It is not your responsibility how others perceive you.  They will see what they choose to see, anyway.

And please remember that you are love and loved with all that you are in every moment.

All is well.

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