Intention. An Experiment.

Intention. An Experiment © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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What kind of intentions and affirmation are you carrying through the day?

Do you have an open attitude towards new possibilities, joy and adventure?  Or are you scared of what may come and feel like you have to control everything – even the things that you cannot control?

Do you welcome your day with an open and friendly heart?  Or do you think:  ‘Oh, dang… just another day…’ when you get up?

Are you looking forward to the new adventure, each day brings?  Or are you looking forward for the day to end soon, again?

How about an experiment?

First, on a scale from 1 (good) to 10 (miserable), how do you feel, right now?

Now, each day, when you are about to get up sit in bed for three minutes and think of three things that are bringing you joy, new possibilities or an adventure, today.  If there is nothing in sight, yet, then think of three things you can do to make it happen – and do them.

Even in the darkest hour we can ignite a light.

Your love has to leave, soon?  Then be grateful for the time you have, now.

You have an appointment that scares you?  Then open for the possibility that things turn out friendly for you.

It unsettles you that you do not know what the future brings?  Then choose to be an adventurer who explores each step in ease and grace.

After one week, ask yourself, again:  On a scale from 1 (good) to 10 (miserable), how do I feel right now?

Even if you feel just a little bit better, half a point? – 0,25 points? – 1 point? – thank yourself for that.  You have created this!  Yes, maybe some things changed for you on the outside.  But you made it happen by allowing this change.  Yes, maybe it seems very small.  But the fact that you allowed it to happen right now is grand!  Don’t dismiss this.  Instead celebrate it.

And now, start the cycle anew.  Start another week of experiment.