Contemplation at Glastonbury Abbey

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

I don’t know how you perceive these days but for me it is an experience of moved times.  A lot of things are going on and wish to fall into place and I am seeing to provide the space for those incoming waves of energy as good as I can.

Sometimes I am not feeling like many words, which is why you may see more pictures on this blog, these days.

Often I feel like contemplation.  So that is what I want to offer here, today.

A beautiful place for contemplation is Glastonbury Abbey which we visited in April.  Located in the middle of the name-giving town Glastonbury in Somerset, England, the place provides breathing space and a heart opening energy like I did not find it at many other places.

Also historically it is an interesting spot.  It is assumed that the legendary King Arthur and Queen Guinevere were buried, here, and the long, moved history of the place goes back to a church built in the 7th century which was enlarged to an Abbey during the 10th century.  It was extended, burnt down and re-built over the centuries and then torn down, again, in the mid 16th century.  Yet, the ruins are here until today.  In the little museum pieces stemming from different periods of the Abbey’s existence are exhibited.  They found tombstones, statues, original tiles and even splinters of the colourful stained glass windows that once adorned the stone frames.  Outside you find ruins of the buildings that belong to the Abbey, the partly and lovely reconstructed Abbot’s kitchen as well as a fruit tree and herb garden.

Maybe it is because of the moved history this place has seen – and overcome – that, today, it conveys so much peace for it’s visitors.

Come and take a walk with me!

All photos raw pictures taken with the camera of my mobile phone.