Herb Walk in Hamburg Jenischpark

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

These days a lot of things are going on in my own life.  Things that give me a lot of material to write about.  Things that first have to be integrated before I can write about it.  That is the reason why currently it might be a bit more silent on this blog, than usual.

Something that always gives me a great deal of grounding in moved and moving  times is taking a walk.  So I will take you on one, today.

As I have posted a lot of pictures from my travels, recently, I want to show you a bit more of my home town, today.

In May, short after we came back from our travels, we did a herb walk through one of the most beautiful parks in Hamburg, Germany that I know:  The Hamburg Jenischpark.

The walk was guided by the awesome Daniela Wolff.  On the side bar of this blog you find a link to her homepage (which is in German language), too.

Daniela is healing practitioner and herb expert as well as a wonderful story teller.  Her walks are beautiful and informative.  So, when ever you are in Hamburg, Germany, you might want to check out her walk dates to join her on a little adventure.  🙂

Daniela Wolff Dates

I also took some pictures of the blossoming trees we came by at that time of the year.

After the walk we created a meal from what we have collected on our way back home.

Come and take a look!

All photos raw pictures taken with the camera of my mobile phone.