The Place That Sends You Mad

The Place that Sends You Mad © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.(2012-07-07, Hamburg  –  On the way to a Parade)

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

It’s been quite a while since my last post and some of you might have noticed, that I also haven’t responded to the most recent comments, e-mails and blog posts of yours, yet.

Here is why:

A lot is going on, currently!  😉

Number one on my Lots-Going-On-List during the last two weeks:

My partner Kim is US-citizen, I am German.  We live in Germany and until now my partner had a visitor visa which only gives him permission to stay for the limited time of three months in Germany.  We figured out how this works in quite an adventurous way after Kim’s first three months, here.  We found out that he then has to leave the Schengen-zone (which is basically the western European mainland) for 90 days before he is allowed to come back.  When we found out we’ve been in Ireland (which, because of that thing with the Republic and Northern Ireland, is a zone separate from the Schengen-zone). We had been caught up there on our way to a family visit in the US because suddenly the rules about visa for Europeans travelling the USA had changed and I could not enter the country as planned.  While we have been working out how we can give the authorities what they want from me without messing up all our plans and without driving up the costs too much we learned the answer to a question we asked weeks ago:  For how long does Kim have to leave Germany after the 90 days of his visitor visa are up?  The answer, as already mentioned above:  For 90 days.  Boom!  Finally we spent those 90 days together in a nice little flat in Dublin City, Ireland and had a great time.  Problem solved with ease and grace.

As we do not want to have to travel permanently to spend our lives together we have been looking into a visa for Kim that allows him to stay in Germany longer than those 90 days and also gives him the chance to obtain permanent residency at some point.  The closer the day came when Kim’s new visitor visa for Germany would end the more blocks showed up on our way.  The wheels of the departments and offices turn slowly and the system is not made for supporting the people.  The old energy was reaching out for us quite persistently and I was challenged to stay calm within myself and to breathe softly a lot during those past weeks.  We have been sent from Pontius to Pilatus, had to get in line in front of the aliens office at 3:00 AM to make sure that we get to talk to somebody and the information about what is required was absolutely unclear – which meant being sent away and getting back in line at 3:00 AM the next morning, repeatedly.

Somehow I felt reminded of this, several times:

The Twelve Tasks of Asterix:  The Place That Sends You Mad

The good news is:  Kim is allowed to stay a bit longer in Germany.  He got permission for that on the very last day before his visitor visa expired.  🙂  –  The not so good news is:  Instead of twelve more months they only gave him three months and some new obstacles for us to come by before Kim gets the full twelve months.  However, we take it one breath and one step at a time.

Number two on my Lots-Going-On-List during the last two weeks:

I am having quite a transformation process going on within my own system:  Strong detoxification symptoms on all levels, old stuff coming up to be released, new stuff coming in to be brought into life.  And as if this was not enough, my physical system claimed deceleration in a way that put me to bed, last week.  That meant I could not accompany Kim on his way to the departments and offices to support him and help him understand all the German.  Fortunately my mum stepped in for me and I am tremendously grateful for that.  Yet, I did not really get regeneration while all this was going on, not knowing if Kim had to leave, getting up at 1:30 AM in the morning, being available via phone for questions and bringing all the information together an in order so that we finally got what we needed.  So I am seeing to get some recovery, now.

All this movement brought quite a bit of change which now is unfolding step by step.  That requires integration and some new-balancing, too.  This means, I will need a bit of time to catch up with all the beautiful e-mails, feedbacks, comments and blog posts you have created during the past weeks and will create during the following weeks.  So please forgive me when it takes longer until I respond to you.  I am on it.  🙂

As always I am sending you much love from my heart to yours and wishing you ease, grace as well as a wonderful time!