Deceleration © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Sometimes life seems to pass us by in a race

Do you know this feeling, when you are trying to get everything done, things seem to take up more time than usually and you end up feeling like you are chasing to catch up with yourself?  It feels like the wheels are turning and every attempt to hold the given pace seems hopeless.

Here is what I do to get out of that hamster-wheel:

Stop it.  I simply stop whatever it is I am doing, take a deep breath and check in with myself.  I allow myself to not having to do anything.  I allow the world to take care of themselves.

The thing is:  The faster you run to catch up, the faster the wheel turns.  When you stop running, the wheel stops turning and you can opt out of it to make a different choice.

What is your chance to decelerate, today?