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These days I am noticing that many people (including me) are feeling extremely tired and sometimes literally knocked out.

Often, in a condition like this we feel like we don’t get done everything we think we have to.  It seems like we are chasing after ourselves and never manage to catch up.

Here is what actually helps me in times like this:

Allow it.

What?!  –  Yes.

Whenever I feel tired I take a rest.  Whenever I can follow this feeling of being knocked out, I do and allow myself to sleep.  No thinking about what maybe won’t get done.  Just knowing – in a sense of knowingness – that all is well and everything does work out.  Besides:  that attitude also provides a deeper rest than worry.  😉

The thing is:  When you allow such a phase of sleepiness and feeling knocked out you are not doing nothing at all.  In fact, you are doing a lot more than usual.  You are allowing your system to reset, to transform and to shift to a new level.  You are allowing healing in a very deep way.  And you are allowing alignment with all that you are.

And the miraculous thing about allowing this shift by following your needs is this:  All those things that really need to be done actually are getting done.

When I allow these phases of shifting I experience that I always have the power to do the things that are really important.  And I, always, get an impulse of momentum when it is time to do them.  If I don’t feel strength to do something it probably does not really need to be done, now.  If I don’t get any impulse for doing it, now, there is probably a better time to do it.

Are you ready to shift?  🙂