Vacation from Mind

Vacation from Mind © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar. 

Do you know this feeling?

You are supposed to tell others something, to write a blog post, to put out some kind of wisdom – and you have absolutely no clue what to tell them.  It feels like all inspiration has vacated your mind.

Well, I do know this feeling.  And here is what helps me:

I feel into what is affecting me and my life right now.  What am I caring about in this moment, what am I dealing with?  And how does it relate to the task above?

And there you are. – Meaning, usually there is something I am caring about and dealing with and usually it does relate to the task of talking to somebody, writing a blog post or putting out some kind of wisdom in some way.  And this I can take to make a start.

Maybe it is true and inspiration has vacated your mind.  Maybe mind was trying to force inspiration too much and thereby limiting it.  Fortunately that vacation-thing does not have to keep you from fulfilling your task.  It might even support you.  🙂

The thing is:  It does not have to be bigger that you.  In fact, the wisdom that you are is big enough.  And to most people it is much easier to relate to your teachings, your art, your expression when you give them something they can relate to.  Like your own experience with something.  Your authenticity.  Your being human.

Have a creative day!