A Rose Is a Rose….

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

Allow yourself some time to smell the roses…

In the midst of doing all the steps that are required for each of us on our various paths in life it is so important to remember taking a break, at times.  It is important to take some time just for yourself, away from all seeking and hustle-bustle.  Remember to allow yourself time and to let things work for you.  Take a look at nature.  Some people, like Dr. Wolf-Dieter Storl, say that flowers are always in a condition of Samadhi – a condition of  blissful oneness.  They never worry. They are simply enjoying their existence.  And look what beauty is radiating from them as they grow and finally blossom.  :)

All photos are raw, unedited pictures taken with the camera of my mobile phone.

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