Does Inner Peace Equal Peace for the World?

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At some point in my life I noticed that inner peace is vital for me.  I was always trying to balance and harmonize everything in my surrounding.  For many years I thought that might be because I am Libra and we are supposed to be a bit obsessed with harmony.  Be that as it may, for me it was more than that.  And it still is.

Not just am I Libra, I am also a highly sensitive person and extremely empathic.  I can feel things that are going on within the person next to me in the bus like they were my own feelings.  It sometimes was hard for me to differentiate between “theirs” and mine.  And many times in younger years I failed to do so, totally.  I just felt this entire imbalance and did what could to balance it.

And it left me even more imbalanced.  Why was that so?  – Because in order to balance the outside (which I considered to be my own or at least merged with it) I had to bend myself so much that my inner balance was totally disturbed.  I was fighting myself.

In our current society we are taught to fight ourselves all the time.  We are taught to ignore our own dreams, needs and desires and to sacrifice them for something that is called the greater good.  When we then look at the greater good we see people being cruel to their families (both, mentally and physically), businesses in competition, countries in war.  And we are told to sacrifice our joy, our love and our lives to feed the fight.  You have to work hard, you have to fight for your right, you must be strong like steel.  And we are so consumed by fighting for our survival and the greater good that we do not see that it really is good for no one.

I could not take this mentality of fight.  And so I was fighting myself even harder.  I was blaming myself for being weak, I was fighting against this weakness, I did bend myself so far that it tore me apart.  And it left me broken.

Moments like this can be a blessing, you know.  At some point I woke up and simply stopped fighting.  That gave me space to explore what I am really dealing with.

Accepting that I don’t want to fight anymore

First I told myself that I cannot count on what I don’t have.  I accepted that I am not strong enough for all the fight in the world and that I had to position myself in life suitably.  Instead of wearing myself out in trying to participate in the fight of everyday life I started to explore what works for me.  And I created my own everyday life.  A life where it is ok to be weak, sometimes.  A life where it is ok to love yourself.  A life where you don’t have to hurt yourself.

Allowing myself to grow strong in finding and living my talents

Then I noticed that I am actually not weak.  I noticed that, only because I had failed to participate in the fight it did not mean that I had failed to participate in life.  I learned to see and appreciate my talents.  Even more:  I finally had space to live and develop them.  Slowly I could set free the energy that was tied in fighting myself and the rest of the world, before.  And I could use it to actually create a space of allowance – a space where I was allowed to love and to nourish myself.  A space where I was allowed to dream.  A space for letting my dreams come true.  And I can tell you, there was a lot of energy being freed.

Reaching out and connecting with my dreams and with likeminded people

The more I established my new position, the more I noticed how many people really don’t want to fight all the time.  Many people are tired of all the war in the world.  Many people are uncomfortable with being in competition all the time.  And many people are burnt out – or short before.  I started to talk to them.  I started to tell them about my own story and they told me about theirs.  And I found out, that they went on with the fight for the same reason I did before I broke down:  They did not know that they have a choice! – I also noticed that there are many people who had faced similar challenges like me and came to similar conclusions.  In one sentence:  I noticed that I am not alone.  So I reached out and started to connect.  You know:  Isolation keeps us in fear.  It keeps us in a position where we don’t know that we have a choice.  It keeps us in a position where we can be controlled easily.  Connection allows us to love.  It gives us the perspective of choice.  It opens our heart and helps us to step beyond limitations.

What does this have to do with inner peace?

All those steps brought me to one place:  I stopped fighting myself.  And the more I stopped fighting myself, the more I stopped fighting at all.  And the more I stopped fighting at all, the less vulnerable I became to being attacked by those who are still fighting.  Does it hurt when it happens? – Yes.  Does it take away my power? – No.

It all brought me to a place where I can experience more peace.  And the interesting thing is:  The more peace I am allowing and practicing inside, the more peace I also experience around me.

Inner peace allows me to let go of judgement and projection.  In allowing myself to be me I can also allow others to be them.  Inner peace allows me to use my energy for me.  I don’t need to suck energy from others and am less available to be sucked from, as well.  Inner peace allows me to let my dreams come true – and others to let theirs come true.  I can let go of ideas of lack in realizing that there is more than enough for everybody and appreciate this abundance.

It actually is pretty simple:

If you don’t like war, stop fighting.

With this being said, I am giving the question from above to you:

Does inner peace equal peace for the world?

Are you still fighting yourself, sometimes?  Can you allow yourself one step into your inner peace, today?