What Makes Your Heart Sing?

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Recently I have been talking about embracing soul proprietorship and how opting out of old patterns, accessing our creativity, developing healthy habits and being authentic may support us in doing so.

Today I am going a step further in that process by asking you:  What makes your heart sing?

Often we have been taught to align with an everyday life far away from our deepest joy and desires.  We are supposed to function in a society that is built to make profit for corporations.  We are not supposed to bring our own dreams and talents to the table – especially when they have to do with inner growth and our own wellbeing.  Instead we are expected to put that time and effort into the corporation we are working for so that they can wring out the last bit of effectiveness from us.  No time and space for asking the heart what makes it sing.

I have found that what I described above is not the way it has to be.  I have found out that we have a choice and that we can choose something different if we wish.  I have found out that I am a much more effective and productive member of the society when I actually am asking my heart:  What makes you sing?

I mean, honestly:  How can anybody be permanently there for others and give and give and give without maintaining themselves?  A battery that is empty has to be either recharged or thrown away.  It is much more effective to recharge it and less straining for the environment.  That we have found out and acted upon it.  But we are still willing to empty ourselves out so much that we cannot recharge.  We are willing to neglect ourselves, to dump ourselves.  And that is what we call normal?

That is not normal.  It is crazy.  Everything that I believe about myself is what I put out into the world.  It is what I give to my family, my children and to the environment.  As long as I am willing to neglect myself I will be willing to neglect others when I get overwhelmed.  I might even have to because my energy runs empty.  Only when I care for myself and maintain my strength and self-love will I then have enough to give away to others.  In fact I will even have more than enough.

So, I am asking you again:  What makes your heart sing?

Think about it.  Feel into it.  When you are doing what makes your heart sing, do you feel nourished?  Does it make you happy?  Are you radiating with love and joy? – I bet you do.

Have you ever considered that this is a great gift not just to yourself but also to others? – I am telling you, now, that it is.  Nothing makes the world more beautiful than a singing heart.  Nothing gives more love into the world.  Nothing has more healing powers.

The world needs you and your singing heart.  The world is waiting for you to let your heart sing.  And I bet your heart is waiting for you to let it sing, too.  Mine was.

How about making a start this week?  Today?  Right now?

What is it that makes your heart sing?  Is there a way to integrate it into your everyday life?  Can you make it a healthy habit to let your heart sing every day?  Can you allow yourself some time and space each day for it – even if it is just a few minutes?

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