Tuning in. An Experiment.

Tuning In - An Experiment-1 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Do you know what makes your heart sing, today?

How about a little experiment to find out?

Take a few minutes, right now.

Place yourself comfortably.  Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths.  How are you feeling, right now, on a scale from one to ten when one is not good and ten is great?  Whatever it is, just be with it.  It is ok.  Just allow yourself to be with it.

Take a few more deep breaths.  Feel, how fresh energy, peace and joy fills you every time you are breathing in and how all tension, tightness and density is leaving your system every time you are breathing out.

Breathe softly without forcing the breath.  Observe how breath is coming and going all on its own.  There is nothing you have to do for it.  It is happening for you.

Now gently bring your focus to the heart.  Feel, how your chest is rising and falling lightly under your breath.  Allow yourself to sink deeper into your heart.  Can you sense how your heart is feeling, at this moment?  You may like to ask your heart:  My dear heart, how are you feeling, today?

Continue to breathe softly while you are listening to the answer.  Whatever the answer may be stay aware that it is ok.  Listen to your heart and give yourself permission to accept what is.  And if you feel like it, give yourself permission to forgive yourself for every time you did not listen to your heart, every time you neglected it or shut it down.  It is ok.  Stay aware that you are loved with all that you are.  And always breathe softly….  in….  and out….

Now you know what is.  You know what you have and what you are dealing with.  You may like to thank your heart for sharing this with you and for serving you so beautifully all the path through your life.

Go on breathing softly.  While you are continuing to breathe, you may ask your heart if there is anything that you can do for it, today, to make it sing?  My dear heart, is there anything that I can do for you that makes you sing?  Anything that supports you?  Anything you need?

Continue to breathe softly, while you are listening to the answer.  Give yourself permission to listen to your heart, to connect and to love.  Have you received the answer?

Take another soft breath.  Imagine how you give your heart what it is asking for.  How does it feel when your heart sings?  How does it feel to allow yourself this space?  How does it feel to be connected and loved?

May ask your heart:  My dear heart, would you like to guide me so that I can give you some space to sing, every day?  What is it that I can do to give you this space, right now?

Continue to breathe softly while you are listening to the answer.  Can you feel the joy of your heart?  Can you feel how happy your heart is that you reached out?  Allow this feeling to stream through you and fill each of your cells.  Breathe softly.

While you are breathing, now, gently bring your focus back into the room around you.  Softly move your fingers and toes, if you wish.  You may stretch your body.  When you are ready, take a deep breath and breathe your eyes open.

On a scale from one to ten:  How are you feeling, now?

If you wish, you may write down what your heart told you so that you can come back to it, anytime.

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