Walking with a Singing Heart

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

I grew up in the western part of Hamburg, Germany.  Although living in a big city my childhood was spent between farms, meadows and fields.  Today, many of those farms do not exist, anymore.  Yet, you can still find a bit of the flair of those days in some parts of the city.

I remember that I loved doing walks on the paths between the fields and meadows.  I loved climbing on trees, sitting on a little pond and watching the ducks, lying in the grass while bees and butterflies were buzzing around me.

I also loved to notice the details.  The bright red berry peeking through the green leaves.  The snail looking for moss and limestone along the fence.  The various colours of nature throughout the changing seasons of the year.

That was what made my heart sing.  And it still does.

Recently I took a walk with my partner to a nearby park.  Next to the park is a colony of allotments with beautiful little gardens.  We paused many times to check out the life along fences and hedges and to admire the beauty along the way.  My heart is still singing when I think back to this tour.

Would you like to take a look?  Then come and take a walk with me!

All photos are raw, unedited pictures taken in August 2012 with the camera of my mobile phone.

©Stefanie Neumann – All Rights Reserved.