A Singing Heart and Gratitude

A Singing Hearts and Gratitude © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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This week I have been writing about making the heart sing.  There are many different people and everybody likes different things.  That is why sometimes what makes our heart sing may vary a lot.

Yet, there is a guidepost that meets all varieties:  Gratitude.

When our heart sings it is something we are grateful for from the bottom of our soul.  Did you ever notice how similar those two feelings are?

Therefore, gratitude leads us to what makes our heart sing.

I am grateful for autumn walks in the park.

I am grateful for the whispering aspen leaves in the trees next to my apartment.

I am grateful for the golden light which the sun shines through my window in the afternoon.

And there is something else:

I thank you, dear reader, that you found my blog.  I thank you that you stop by here, stay, read, learn, teach, enjoy, share, comment, follow, like this place and honour it with your presence.  Thank you that you are here.

Also, a heartfelt welcome to each and every new visitor and follower.  I am glad that you are with us.

Much love and a wonderful weekend!

What are you grateful for, today?