Back from the Retreat

Back from the Retreat 2012 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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After two weeks of healthy and necessary retreat time I now am back amongst the everyday world.

Today I am starting a new working rhythm which includes regular writing time.  That means that I will see to answer all your beautiful comments, feedbacks and subscriptions from today on.  Regular blog posts will appear from next week on, again.

I would like to thank everybody who has been here, on my blog, during the last two weeks.  I have seen that there was still quite a bit of resonance.  I have seen new visitors, here, new followers and even had some subscriptions for my newsletter.  Also I am very happy to be awarded with the Liebster Blog Award by Zoe from Just English.  Thanks a million, Zoe!  –  A post about that will follow in a while.

To all new visitors, followers and newsletter subscribers a warm, heartfelt welcome to my community!  Thank you for joining.  I am very happy and honoured to have you, here.

It is great to see that so much movement is happening even though I have been away for two weeks.  That gives me a lot of confidence.  Thank you all for that!

Some people may be wondering what I have been doing during my retreat.  Actually the main purpose was to get me doing nothing at all.

You know, instead of taking breaks I was trying to use the free space to get other things accomplished.  That is why I ran empty, after a while.  Fortunately I have been noticing that in time so that I could change direction.

In the beginning of my retreat time I had to keep myself from planning how I would use this time to accomplish all the things that I did not manage to do, before.  I also had to keep myself from spending my free space with being on the phone half a day or talking to people at my door who were trying to sell me a new phone contract or a new electricity provider.  I had to learn, again, to put my need for alone time at first priority and to allow myself this time.

I finally did.  Frankly, I have been quite the hermit during this time.  And it served me well.  I have been able to clear my energy field and to identify some things and patterns that did show up.  And I could allow things to change and fall into their appropriate place.  Furthermore I felt into and developed some fresh and new healthy habits for me.

Some of those changes concern this blog, as well.  I’ll talk about that, soon, in another post.  🙂

Now, I am looking forward to dive into a new week as well as to write some new posts and publish them next week.

Until then I am wishing you a wonderful and peaceful time.

Much love!