Do You Deal with Disappointment?

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In life, not always everything goes as we expect it to go.  We plan things one way and they turn out another.  People promise something to us and something different happens.  We see something in an opportunity or in a person and at some point we discover that we did not see the truth.

Sometimes that leads to a feeling of disappointment.

That is normal, you might say.  Disappointments happen in life.

Yet, I would like to take a closer look at how we deal with those disappointments.  Do we deal with them at all?

How often do you feel disappointed and then tell yourself that you should not expect so much?

How often do you feel disappointed and try to twist and bend yourself so that it does not look like a disappointment, anymore?

How often do you feel disappointed and dismiss it as not so important?

I have done that very often.

What happens when we do that?

I experienced that this causes feelings of anger and frustration.  And when this anger is dismissed and shut down, as well it leads to feeling fatigue and stuck.

Why do we get angry?

Anger signalises us that there is something to do.  It also gives us the fuel to move.  It tells us:  Hej, this is not right!  Do something about it!

That does not necessarily mean that we have to act this anger out towards another person.  It definitely does not mean an excuse to hurt anybody purposefully.  What it means is, to check in and take a closer look.  To take the cou-rage and step up for our own needs.  To name what is going wrong and to put it right, again.  It tells us to move towards our own needs and desires.

So, next time, when you feel disappointed about something even if it is just something small you may like to acknowledge this feeling as a first step.  And then may go and do something nice for you, something that really nourishes you on heart level.

Are you ready to honour the message that is given to you by the feeling of disappointment?


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