How I Am Dealing with Disappointments from Now on

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An Experiment

For a while I dismissed especially the small disappointments in life and often told myself, that it would be my mistake, and that I would simply be too demanding if my expectations and hopes are not fulfilled.

Not only that this led to a pattern of only taking what’s left it also led to that the feeling of disappointment could not shift and got stuck within my system.  Thereby I would be more concentrated on a feeling of lack and on what I did not get instead of focussing on the beauty that I already have.  That pulled me into a spiral of lack and frustration.

If this feels familiar to you, I would like to share an experiment that is helping me in such situations.  Maybe it supports you as well.

There are two parts in four steps:

Part one

I forgive myself for dismissing my needs and for allowing placing myself in this position of frustration and discomfort.  I am agreeing to change this behaviour immediately.

Part two

  1. I am acknowledging the disappointment and naming it.
  2. I am very consciously doing something kind for myself that nourishes me on heart level.
  3. I am thanking for the beauty that already is in my life.

Are you ready to allow the feelings of disappointment in your life to shift?


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