Spring Cleaning 2013

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This April, I am noticing a lot of energy movement.  On one hand it seems as things have eased up and are less dense than during the last winter season.  On the other hand a huge energy download seems to be stirring up the system.

While during the winter season 2012/ 2013 a solid hibernation seemed to be the appropriate choice in many regards there is now a time of awakening and dealing with the changes that occurred while we have been sleeping.

I am noticing that a lot is moving within my endocrine system – the hormones and glands – as well as my DNA seems to change or rather to re-activate.  Also I am noticing that my system is releasing a lot of fear.  As I am seeing furthermore that others are dealing with this kind of symptoms, too, I choose to write about it as the exchange might help to go through these movements more smoothly.

Physical Symptoms

For me it is that I often wake up and feel nauseous, weak and a pressing headache.  Also it feels as if something is moving around in the area of my solar plexus.  And my neck and shoulders tend to contract and feel tight.  Another thing that is distinctive are the female pre-cycling symptoms that I am noticing although it is not the “regular” time for it.

Most recently I also had pretty vivid nightmares.  While the dreams on their own were not so much of a problem the physical reaction to them was partially overwhelming.  It was as if my mind and heart knew that all is well, in spite of the bad dreams but my body was processing patterns of fear.  So I was feeling physical fear although I knew that all is well.

What Helps For Me

As for the symptoms that come to me right during the waking-up process it helps me to take some time for getting out of bed and avoid hurry.  It helps to gently breathe myself back into the body and do some grounding.  And then I breathe a bit while giving each symptom some loving awareness.  That usually helps to loosen up the tension within my system.

Gentle breathing in loving awareness as well as allowance, by the way, is actually always a good cure to struggles and imbalance.”

-Stefanie Neumann

For the stirred up solar plexus I noticed that is also feels very good to place gently place my hand on it and let it sit, there, for a moment.   The same is true for the untimely pre-cycle symptoms – for which I place my hand on the part of my body that experiences unease (like the womb).

The tension in neck and shoulders, of course, can always do with a little massage from a friendly person.  As not everybody has a friendly person like that at their side – I didn’t for a long time – there are most likely some other possibility to ease the load.  One of them is some gentle Yoga for shoulders and neck.  And also gentle breathing in awareness and consciously allowing to let go of whatever I am holding on to in this moment.  Holding on and staying attached does not save anybody.  It just blocks the natural flow.

To deal with the physical fear patterns it first of all helps me to know that it is not really a reaction to some current danger.  It is just a general pattern of fear floating up and making itself noticed.  There is probably a bigger picture to it; yet, my mind likes to see it as the physical release of old patterns as all emotions are also memorized within the physical body.  Then, it seems to be very important to me to ground myself within my body.  When it is getting unpleasant in the physical realms some of my aspects, sometimes, tend to leave the body to not feel the discomfort.  This actually does not really help as, when unfelt, those unpleasant symptoms stay stuck within the physical system.  So, what helps me with that is to ground myself into my body and take in my space fully.  This way, also, everything that is not mine does not have any space within my system which can help, too.  And, as with everything else, it helps me to gently breathe with loving awareness.

If it gets really bad, for example, with these symptoms of physical fear patterns I also allow myself support of loved ones.  It usually takes something for me to call somebody and ask for help – especially in the middle of the night.  But in those situations it sometimes helps to know that somebody else is there for me, too.  🙂

When those patterns that I mentioned above show up, they are there and I have to deal with them.  No need to pine about that it happened.  It’s ok and all is well.  Yet, there is something I can do to make it smoother from now on, one breath at a time:

From now on I allow myself a gentle transition.”

-Stefanie Neumann

All in all I believe that we currently are in a big transition – and part of it is releasing the old and allowing the new.  And I know – in a sense of knowingness – that all is well.

How about you?  How are you doing, these days?  Are you noticing a change?  Are you always walking your path smoothly or are you struggling, at times?  How are you dealing with it if you do?  And what advice do you have for those who struggle if you don’t?

Much love and a happy spring cleaning,