Summer Break

Summer Break 2013 - © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

These days I experience such huge energy downloads and revelations that it literally went beyond words.  So many things are happening, yet, when I start to put it in words it does not seem nor feel quite appropriate.  What I definitely can say is that for me nothing seems the same, anymore, and it feels like I have opted out even more of old patterns and structures.  The new is strong and bright although I don’t have a proper verbal expression for it, yet.

With all these shifts and changes I feel that restructuring, renovation and recharging is required.  Most of that happens offline which is the reason why you haven’t seen me around here very often, recently.

To give myself the space to further allow the flow of the new to integrate fully I choose to take an official summer break.  That means you won’t see me, here, regularly until about the end of August.  Might be that I show up, in between, might be that I won’t.

I will definitely be back in autumn, though!  Stronger, brighter and even more me.  So, I hope you stay tuned and to see you all healthy and happy when I come back.

Until then, I show you a few

Summer impressions from our balcony fairy garden

The video for sitting back and enjoying:

Thank you for your loyalty and for the beautiful work and support each of you is putting out, there!  I am looking forward to see you all again, later!

Much love,