Autumn Is Here!

Autumn 2013 Is Here! © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

At least, in the northern hemisphere it starts to move in.

With the arrival of the meteorological autumn at my home I am slowly coming back from my summer break, as well.

The days are getting shorter, the leaves of the trees are changing colour and, outside, it is slowly getting colder.  It is time, again, for candle light and cosy evenings with a hot tea.

I experienced this summer as very beautiful and deeply transformative.

I took a retreat and allowed myself to give in to the changes.  Like the German band Rosenstolz say so beautifully in their song Auch Im Regen:

You don’t have to change It does change for you.”

(This is my translation of the originally German line.)

Together with my partner Kim I spent time on our beautiful balcony, we rearranged our apartment and on a personal level I experienced a deep shift and won quite a few insights.  I could allow myself to reconnect with the organic flow of my life where everything has its time and everything is falling into place when I just follow the voice in my heart where the knowingness is at home.

In the world „out there“ it seems to go about quite turbulently at times.  Just yesterday, I noticed a very harsh tone when I took the bus back home from shopping.  I perceive a lot of fear and aggression.  All the more important I find it to allow myself to centre in love and opt out of the reactive patterns of the old energy.  The more I am doing this, the more programmes I encounter which have manipulated me hitherto and are now detaching from my system.  This morning, for example, I suddenly noticed a very subtle voice chanting mechanically within me:

I am feeling sick and tired.“

That actually surprised me a lot as I had enjoyed a very replenishing sleep, last night.  Also, I could notice how this programme accompanied me through my youth when I was often sick and suffered from chronic sinusitis.  This very morning I bowed out of it and am feeling how I did a further step into my own power, once more.

I hope you, dear reader, fared well this summer and can take the waves of the shift in increasing ease and grace.

Much love and until next time!