What Is Really Important Now?

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We live in a time that can appear very hectic, sometimes.  All too easily we find ourselves thrown off balance.  It seems we have to do, do, do while we really only need rest.  Thus, it may happen that one feels as if chasing after oneself.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Today, I would like to introduce an exercise that helps me personally to find back into my healthy flow when I slipped off balance and into stress.

It is called:

Listening Inside



I take a moment.  Five minutes can already be helpful, ten minutes would be ideal.

First, I sit quietly and take a few deep breaths.  I allow myself to fully concentrate on my breathing.  I allow myself that, for a moment, only my breathing is important. Whenever thoughts of stress or discomfort come up, I perceive them lovingly and then gently let them go.  I allow myself to arrive fully with me.  Now I ‘m here.  Now is space to breathe.

I allow myself to be fully present in the now.

Creating space

Fully arrived with me, I take a few deep, gentle breaths.

Then I turn towards my stress.  From my centeredness I look at:

What do I need now?

Is there something I can let go off?  Do I really have to accomplish everything that I have scheduled for today?  Do I have to do everything alone?  Is there something I may do another time?  Is there someone I may ask for help?

Also I take a look at:

May I take more time for myself, now?  Are there any appointments that must be adhered to?

From this clarity, I allow myself that everything has space which is important, now.  –  It may help to say this out loud:

I allow myself that everything has space, which is important, now.

Following the inner impulses consistently

With this pronounced permission I take a few deep, gentle breaths.

And then I ask:

What now?

Whatever the answer, I follow it consistently.  I remember:  Everything that is important now, has space.  I know that I know and may trust my inner guidance.  If the answer is:  “Put on a smile and go to work “, then that is what I do, even if a part of me would like to get back into bed.  If the answer is:  “Put yourself to bed and get some rest”, then that is what I do, even if it means calling in sick. There is a high probability that I will be unavailable a lot longer if I do not take some rest, now.

Checking-in regularly

It is important that after each step I take time again to listen inside.  This is also true if my energy drops in what I am doing.  Maybe I have worked enough, now.  Maybe it is more important to go home and sleep after work rather than going to the gym.

I remember:  Everything that is important now, has space.  I notice:  If there is no space, it is not important now.  I allow:  Everything has space that is important now.


I am sharing this exercise because I perceive that many people feel overwhelmed by the current (old) structures which surround them and by the energies that are moving along.  Might be others may extract something supportive from it  –  of course, in their own  self-responsible way.

What helps you to centre yourself and find out what is really important, now?

Much love,