Staying Centred

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These times we live in, often seem so very turbulent. Typhoons destroy entire regions, governments fall apart, banks go down the drain, people are running amok.  When you look out into the world, it sometimes appears, as if there would be nothing to hold on to anymore, at all.

It is a bit like the season in November in the northern hemisphere:

Autumn storms sweep across the land, the harvest is gathered and a new rhythm may be found for the winter, during the annual review mild panic may arise as to whether one really has made the best of the year, and some people are slowly falling into the holiday stress. If one looks “out there” like that, this time of year sometimes seems not so inviting.

As the big so the small” 

Yet, there is also something else:  the desire for retreat and introspection.

If it is uncomfortable outside, you can make yourself comfortable inside:

If there is a storm outside, I may curl up by candle light with a hot tea. When the harvest is gathered and there is nothing more to do outside, I may turn towards the inside. At the annual review, I may include my inner development and the beautiful experiences.   And if I stay with me, I do not need to join in with the holiday stress.

As the small, so the big”

The people in the Philippines, who were hit by the typhoon most recently, of course, could not curl up with a hot tea by candlelight.  However, if they choose so, they may retain a sovereign perspective in all the chaos.  This is evident, for example, in the fact that some people from areas that were less affected by the storm are organizing themselves to provide needed supplies on their own to the crisis areas.  Instead of looking to the outside and waiting until the big administrative wheels of government and help organizations emerge from their state of shock, these people look inward and act from their hearts according to their potential.  And immediately something is moving.

My feeling is that this is exactly the path these times are inviting us to walk.  The point is, to stay centred and to trust one’s own perception unconditionally.  It currently seems so easy to feel desperate and completely rootless.  But the support in the new energy comes not from the outside.  It comes from within. When we reflect on our inner values ​​(that which makes ourselves valuable), this gives support.  Even to those who have just lost everything on the outside.  We see what is really important and find new ways – sovereign ways – to move something and to live in this world together.

So, I take a deep breath and realize that I am valuable.  This is followed by a second deep breath and I remember that my perception is leading me on the way. Then I take a third deep breath and allow myself to be in my centre.”

-Stefanie Neumann

What helps you to stay in your centre during turbulent times?

Much love,