Thanksgiving – Giving Thanks

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Today they celebrate Thanksgiving in the USA.  The story I have been told says that once a group Native Americans shared what they had with a group of white immigrants and this way saved their lives.  So, the Thanksgiving feast supposedly came to life – as a Thank You that it was given to those who needed food and shelter.  I know that this is only one of various versions.  It was brought to me together with my first Thanksgiving – by my friend Cloud Eagle, who meanwhile walked over the rainbow and is watching from different realms.

In 2011 this feast came to me in a new way – because of my partner Kim who came the long way from the USA to live with me in Germany.  With Thanksgiving the winter holiday season is starting in the United States.  It is a feast of the family, of friends and gratitude.

As it is time again, today, I would like to take the opportunity and express my gratitude, here:

Thank YOU dear reader for being here.  Thank you for shining your light into the world.  Thank you for honouring my blogs, my online streams and pin boards with your presence.  Thank you for stopping by once, occasionally and regularly, following, liking and plussing, commenting, contacting and donating.  Thank you for the wonderful encounters.  Thank you for the resulting and arising friendships.  Thank you for the support.  Thank you for the encouragement.  Thank you for your existence.

Much love,