Ch – Ch – Changes

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New year, new luck!

Usually that is one of those things I avoid to say.  In fact, I don’t really believe in new year’s resolutions.  It always felt kind of hollow to me.  It’s not like all my life stops and turns over just because somebody created a calendar that states:  Now a new year begins.  Also, new year’s resolutions seem so easily broken.  Maybe that is because they often are more aligned with an outer structure rather than the inner pace.

For me, goal setting and changes are an organicaly flowing process which has its own pace and not always aligns with the calendar – especially not with the Gregorian one.

I do, however, believe in goal setting and inner guidance.  And this time my new goals actually are ready to be set at the beginning of a new year.  So, for once, I can say it:

New year new luck!

I can indeed feel a very new energy coming with the start of this year and I am observing a lot more changes than new year’s resolutions alone would trigger.  I am noticing it all around me.  Makeovers on blogs and websites, more truth on some TV news channels (wow, I am thrilled!), new ideas oh, and a lot of disorientation.

The latter is something I, like Garret in his video above, consider to be a good sign.  The old rails are not working anymore, the new path holds no rails at all.  Everything is new and open.  And, I say it again, everything is possible.

Recently, in an e-mail I found this video about goal setting by Brian Tracy to help setting a positive intention with them:

Add gratitude (like:  “I am grateful that I have…”) and according to my own experience you have a very powerful tool to move into the direction of your dreams and visions.

I personally still don’t know where exactly it leads me and how exactly this new path looks for me.  I do know, though, that my steps, now, feel much more  solid and grounded than even two and a half years ago when I started this blog.

Hence, I am treating my blogs and websites to a little makeover, too.  The theme stays the same, it is just a few adjustments in design and structure to make it even prettier and easier for everybody.  Hopefully everything goes smooth during this phase – yet, I beg your pardon should glitches occur.

Are you also feeling these big changes?  What helps you to align with your inner guidance?