Stepping Beyond

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Yesterday, I watched the birds visiting our balcony.  I had taken some organic ingredients and made some bird food to help our winged friends through the winter.  Our balcony is quite small and so the birds have to dare to come close to the house if they want some of our delicious food.

The titmouses are always aware and very quick, rarely staying at one spot for long.  The European robins are daring, yet never miss to keep a look at their surrounding.  The blackbirds come in pairs to watch over each other and are very cautious.

In winter, most song birds here only have two hours a day to find food.  Otherwise they would use up too much energy in the cold.  They don’t have much time to think about doubt or to grow trust.  They have to dare it and step beyond those mind games directly into their inner knowingness.  –  Their rewards are love and delicious, healthy food.

Watching those birds and connecting with them reminded me that if we step beyond doubt and trust – into our knowingness – life can be so much more nourishing.

-Stefanie Neumann

What helps you to connect with your knowingness?

Much love,