How to Create Peace

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If you want peace, stop fighting.”

-Stefanie Neumann

This is an insight I recently already mentioned to Mike from

For me, this means that firstly I may get aware of where I am still fighting – or where I am constantly invited to do so.  Often I find that I am fighting with myself.  Or with expectations that I believe others have of me.

A Bit of German History

In September 1989, short before the wall between West and East Germany fell they had the so-called Monday Demonstrations in the German Democratic Republic.  Those demonstrations were not allowed.  The security people in charge often broke them up violently.  But some did not do that.

In November of that same year people were told (by accident) that the borders are now open.  Hundreds of East Germans stormed the wall in Berlin.  The border guards could have shot those people.  But they didn’t.  That was the night when the wall fell.

If you want peace, stop fighting.”

-Stefanie Neumann


What does this sentence mean for you?