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Have you already seen my page about peaceful coexistence and interaction on this blog?

Beekeeper’s Bee-Have

This week felt rather challenging to me.  I had several encounters which invited me to maintain peace and to stand in for my truth.

That fits with the current quality of time which some people predicted for the first half of this year.  Awakening can be upstirring.  It can shake up our deepest fears and injuries so that we may acknowledge and allow them to heal.  It can be scary and confusing.

Currently, I am noticing a lot of that, myself.

There are different ways to face those experiences.  Just as there are different ways to face the world in general.

I can base my actions on love or on fear, for example.  To base my actions on love does not always mean that the fear is all gone.  It just means that I choose to act on something else.  It means to feel and be aware of both and give love the lead.

When we are unaware we might react based on what fear tells us.  Often, without even noticing.  And then things may get quite reckless as we start to project the unfelt (and sometimes even unacknowledged) fear to the outside.  We try to outsource it and try to put it onto other people.

On my page Beekeeper’s Bee-Have I listed a few things that I found to be helpful for a peaceful interaction based on love.

What is your choice?

Do you have tools that help you to interact peacefully and lovingly with yourself and others?  –  Would you like to share your wisdom, here?

Much love,