Where Is Your Focus?

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After I experienced this big cleansing – I told you about it, last week – I am noticing a lot of free space and energy.  It is the space and the energy that had been occupied by dealing with that dark entanglement which is now gone.

This space and energy themselves are neutral.  But as they unconsciously had been directed onto a special focus for such a long time they have a tendency to take this old shape when I am not aware, like an old habit.  It is like a shadow of something that once was and now is gone.  Yet, it does not exactly feel happy when it happens.

What to do about it?

I am noticing that awareness is an important key, here.  When this strange feeling is coming up, I stop and check-in, to take a look at what really is going on.  My awareness is shining a light onto these shadows of the past and helps dissolving them.

The next step is to give this newly available space and energy a new, healthy and happy shape.  For example, I go for a walk in the magic afternoon light.  Or I am doing something creative like drawing, painting, singing.  Or I flick through inspiring magazines.  Or, sometimes I talk with my husband or somebody else I trust.  The feeling of not being alone and the lightful perspective of a loving person can be very supportive.

Things that don’t work so well for me are, for example, zapping through the television programme or surfing on the internet.  It seems, here are too many influences that wish to distract the focus and it needs and extra portion of awareness to filter those not so healthy influences so that I can enjoy all the wonderful stuff that is also available via those medias.

Things that support me to focus on me and my healthy habits are very good company for me during this time of new-balancing.  A helpful question to ask myself is:

“What is healthy for me, now?”

Also very supportive for me is being aware of the love and beauty in my life and expressing my gratitude for it, for example by writing a gratitude list, each morning.

Do you know situations like that, too?  What helps you when you are in a phase of new-balancing?  Where is your focus, today?

If you like, please share your wisdom in the comments.  🙂

Much love,