Stand In For Your Needs

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Yesterday was Saint Patrick’s Day.  When in Ireland last year around this date, I heard some interesting stories about this Saint.

Saint Patrick is known to have lived in the 5th century.  He was born in Roman Brittain and kidnaped by Irish pirates who sold him into slavery.  After enduring his destiny for seven years he made it back to England where he studied Christian religion.  After being ordained, he went back to Ireland – at his own request.

It seems he lived a very authentic life.  He refused to accept gifts from rich people and even from kings.  He followed his heart.  And when the Church did not like what he did, he finally turned his back on the authorities and did it anyways.

What I found inspiring about all this is that Saint Patrick seemed to actually follow his heart and stood up for himself when he could not sovereignly fulfil what other people claimed of him.

Last week I wrote about focus and how important it is to be aware of what we focus on.

Today I would like to take this a step further.

Here is what I am noticing in my own life:

Once I am aware of my focus and direct it on things that are healthy for me, I seem to have less tolerance towards things that are not so healthy for me or even are contradictory to my authenticity and sovereignty.

When before I have just swallowed the bitterness and did what I was expected to do in situations that demanded of me to twist and bend who I am, I now simply can’t do that, anymore.

When before I just shut up and allowed others to run over my own needs, I now can’t do that, anymore.

Instead I see myself invited to stand in for my needs.  To name them.  And to make space for them.  –  Not on the costs of others.  But in not allowing, anymore that others live out their moods and comforts on my costs.

In other words, I am taking in my full space and put myself first.

Sounds selfish?

Well, maybe.  But then, again:  How can I truly be there for others when my own batteries run low – or eventually are empty?  How can I be an inspiration of sovereignty and authenticity if I don’t stand in for myself?  And last but not least:  How useful is it for another person if I enable them by letting them feed from my energy instead of truly empowering them to discover their own source of energy within?

So, I allow the stories of Saint Patrick to inspire me and choose to sovereignly stand in for my needs.  Not in a sense of neediness but in a sense of nourishment.

Do you find it challenging to stand in for your needs or is it easy for you?  When is it especially challenging for you?  What helps you to follow your path?

If you like, please share your wisdom and experience in the comments.  I would love to hear from you!  🙂

Much love,