An Anniversary

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Time flies by when you have fun, doesn’t it?

At least it did for me while I’ve been blogging away during the last two years…

Yes, it’s true!

Today, two years ago, I started my very first Blog ever

I know, it’s April Fool’s Day and you may think I am kidding.  So, here is the evidence:

Hello World!

I remember how I was sitting on the couch of the little furnished appartement in a Georgian house at the Grand Canal which gave us a home after we had stranded in Dublin, Ireland unexpectedly in January 2012.  It was just a few days before we would move on, again.  Most of our stuff was ready to get packed.  In spite of the fact that we would have to move half a household around we had decided to go on a round trip through the United Kingdom before we would go back and settle into our home in Hamburg, Germany, which was waiting for us patiently.

So much had happened, then.  And so much has happened, since.

Kim and I had only been living together since three months when we arrived in Dublin.  The capital of the Republic of Ireland was only supposed to be a transiting stop.  None of us had ever been on the Emerald Island, before.

Meanwhile Kim and I are married and Dublin has become a second home for us.  We have seen places we had not even dreamt of, before.  Geographically and otherwise.

We did not only dream and talk about the adventures we would like to experience.  We actually jumped right in and lived them.  And that is still the case.

Does it cost courage?  –  Yes.

Does it cost nerves?  –  Sometimes.

Does it pay off in the end?  –  It holds rewards I could not even have imagined if I had not stepped on the path.

I have grown so much in the last two years.  So has my blog.  And you, dear reader have been part of that.  You have inspired me.  You have encouraged me.  You have gifted me with your presence.

Thank you!

Much love,

P.S.:  What kind of anniversary would it be without a serenade:

Happy Birthday, by Beethoven? Bach? Mozart? – Nicole Pesce on Piano