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Do you know this feeling, when there is no interest in connecting with the madness that seems to go on around you and all you want to do is retreat from “the world outside”?

But we cannot do that, can we?  We are expected to go “out there”, to do our work, to go to the gym, to meet our friends, to show up and show ourselves off, are we not?  You have to make yourself seen, everyday, or otherwise you will be swallowed by the market, right?  You have to participate in the every day push-pull and contribute to the big competition, no?

But, what kind of market are we supposed to participate in?  Who is actually expecting this?  What are we competing for?

And:  Is this really about what I want?

Maybe, sometimes a little hermitage is just what we need to re-connect to who we truly are.

Or, like Jennifer Farley wrote on her blog The Creator Writings:

Being solitary does not mean isolation. It is a ‘getting to know yourself’ time, a time to embrace and find out what you really mean to yourself. It is not loneliness; it is reacquainting yourself with an old friend.”


Are you allowing yourself space to be with you?  What is your way to create some retreat space?

Much love,