Easter – Transformation and New Beginnings

 Easter 2014 - Transformation and New Beginnings © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

It is time again – on the upcoming Sunday the Christian world is celebrating Easter.  The day of the resurrection of Christ, after he has been crucified on Good Friday and took all the sin from the world.

I have to say I am not a Christian.  And I am aware that the celebration of Easter (in German:  Ostern) could well go back to the earlier Celtic and Old Germanic feast of Ostera, which marked the Spring Equinox.  –  It carries the same symbolism of hare and eggs and renewal.  Nobody got crucified, as far as I know, though.

Yet, the biblical narration of Easter tells a story of deep transformation.  It tells the lore of somebody who died for all the sins in the world and by that allowed a deep cleansing.

Death is a symbol for transformation.  In the Tarot, for example, the card “Death” does not necessarily speak of an actual physical death.  It rather indicates the letting go of the old to allow its transformation.  For many cultures even the physical death means merely a transformation of existence – including the Christian religion.

The story of Christ taking on all the sins of the world can be seen as a tale of somebody who is willing to take responsibility and by that allow the transformation which is needed so badly.  It is about the awareness of the things that are going on as opposed to looking the other way.  And about the choice to be the change we want to see in the world.

Was it always easy for Jesus to stand by his choice?  –  Probably not.   This is even mentioned in the bible when Christ is begging God to pass up the chalice.

Was it worth it, to stand by this choice?  –  Probably yes.  Jesus was given a new life, free from the old dramas and limitations.  He was transformed.  He was gifted with mastership.  According to the bible, as I understand it, he still had a body to walk the earth and tell his story.

Spring is a time of cleansing and transformation  –  at least in the northern hemisphere.  There are spring cleanings and spring fasting, there are spring diets and spring tiredness.  Yes, the tiredness is part of the transformational process, too.  When we are asleep we may reach levels of our beingness, that are difficult to connect to, while awake in the physical body.  And all the plants and vegetables with lots of cleansing power are growing in spring, also.

Is there anything in your life that could use a bit of transformation?  Are there old patterns, limiting belief systems or maybe something else to let go of?  What if those energies could transform from a suppressing into a supporting power?

How?  –  Acceptance, allowance and happy anticipation.  🙂

Much love and happy awakening,