Walpurgis Night

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On April 30th it is the time, again.  The Walpurgis Night is near.  In the Celtic calendar spring is ending with this date and with the Beltane feast on May 1st summer begins.

Once with these feasts life, creative expression and fertility were celebrated.  Even today many people in Germany recognise this date by dancing into the May.  Of course, a May punch with sweet woodruff is part of that.

On Mount Brocken in the Harz – the highest mountain of the small north German mountain range – the witches were dancing since the old days on Walpurgis Night.  The Inquisition brought forth scary stories regarding this about women who were supposed to be flying on broomsticks and dancing naked with the devil.  I believe, they more likely were wise women and men who have been celebrating nature and life this night.  These days this happening is probably rather a tourist attraction.  😉

For me this Walpurgis Night brings grounding and lets me immerse deep into life.  On the northern half of the globe the Celtic summer brings more sun and warmth and May makes the trees green, again.  The herbs on the balcony and in nature are already gifting us with a variety of flavours and give us power to shine our light into the world together with the summer sun.

How are you celebrating your creative expression and power?

Much love,

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