Creative Summer Break

Creative Summer Break 2014 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

As many of you have probably noticed it was pretty silent on my blogs and social networks during the last month.

Nonetheless, I noticed that visitors continued to check in on my sites regularly.  I feel honoured by your interest in what I do and am thanking all of you very much!

The silence on my part came suddenly and up to now I did not even find words for this.  It seems to build a balance to the outer and inner shifts that took place in my life during the last years.  Especially the inner shifts are still happening increasingly.

Hence, it will remain silent – to catch up with all the shifts and changes, to allow creative space, to grow and to just be.

No worries, I’ll get back to you, afterwards!  Yet, this summer I take an extended time off.  That particularly applies to the internet, to creating my own posts as well as following the beautiful content which others are publishing.  In autumn (in the southern hemisphere that means spring) there will be news to read from me and I am looking forward to visit other sites again, as well, and to the wonderful exchange with you.

Until then, please feel invited to browse my pages and to maybe even discover things that previously have been concealed to you.

I am wishing a beautiful summer to the readers in the northern hemisphere and a cozy winter to those in the southern hemisphere!  See you soon!

Much love,