I Am Back!

and: Happy Autumn Equinox!

I Am Back 2014 © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Phew! That was a long summer break, wasn’t it? – And then, again, not very long at all.

A lot of things moved me, moved for me, moved around me and moved inside me, this year. And it seems as if it all came to a peak during my creative break.

From Chaos to Expression

Well, I guess, that’s why it is called a “creative break” – because we allow the energies to flow freely and take the direction which is now appropriate (as opposed to has been appropriate one, two or 10 years ago). It is like tapping into the energy of chaos and allowing everything to be mixed, mangled and transformed until all the blockages have shifted and a new way of expression shows up.

Bee Healthy

My health, for example, has done some pretty wild things, this year. Some of them felt rather scary, although the knowingness that all is well and it is merely part of a big transformation has been with me, all the time. That helped to stay calm and allow.

Bee Kind

The way I am treating myself has changed a lot. I learned to be even kinder and gentler with myself. I learned to take even more responsibility for myself, to act as a self-empowered person. I learned that to dislike something does not mean to not love it.

Bee Beautiful

My life became a bit more sustainable and self-sufficient. I took some time to figure out how to create a lot of indulgently delicious healthy vegan recipes which surely brought a feeling of more abundance into our lives (mine and my husband’s). I started to make my own skin-care and make-up which is not only working great, completely vegan, environmentally friendly and cheaper than buying stuff, it is also actually healing my skin. Have you ever heard of a commercial make-up that is actually doing that? I stopped using shampoo for my hair and then shifted to only washing it with water. This is really good for my health, much healthier for the environment and guess what? It is also much better for my wallet.

Bee Clear

It was time for a big cleaning. I cleaned up my contacts, phone books, circles and follows radically. It was time for it. Too much input clogs up the creative channel. Holding on to the past blocks the path to the Now. I cleaned up my energetic connections, as well. Boy, was that necessary! – And I cleaned up some aspects of my online presence. That should make things easier for me and you. 🙂

Bee Creative

Some new pathways showed themselves to me. Some of my creative projects seem to take a new direction and it might be that they are on the way to become more “concrete”. My creative expression had space to grow and mature. And I learned why doing nothing is so important.

Dance with the Kokopelli

Now, it’s time to celebrate the Equinox. In my part of the world it is the Autumn Equinox. For some of you it is the Spring Equinox. In both cases it is a time of balance and transition. Those are two important keys to navigate through the current shifts in the world. Let’s celebrate them and allow the potential for love, peace and happiness!

How have you experienced this year up to now? Have there been shifts or changes in your life? Where have you grown?

Much love,