Who Am I Without My Story?

Who Am I Without My Story? © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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Reflections in Black and White

Recently, I took a bunch of photos during our visit at the Dahlia Garden Hamburg at the end of September. One of the most highly praised aspects of the Dahlias, next to their various shapes, are their vibrant colours. There are moments in the sunlight when those colours literally blow away the capability of my camera lens.

While I was looking through the photos I had taken, to get them ready for posting them, I started to play with the monochrome filter of the editing programme that came with my camera. Although I enjoy the art of how some other photographers are using it, I personally am not a fan of totally manipulating and changing an image, for example with Photoshop. However, a little post processing to balance light, white balance, contrast and sharpness can help to bring out even better what I have originally seen in the picture. But I disgress…

There I was, these pictures of Dahlias on my screen – with their odd shapes and vibrant colours – and activated the monochrome filter, one after the other. And something interesting happened. While looking at the black and white photos, I experienced a new level of calmness. Stripped of all colours but shades of grey, different aspects came into focus, as if the noise of all the beautiful colours had not allowed enough space for them to be seen, before.

I sometimes wonder, how much that applies to our own lives.

While it is important to remember where we come from – and history provides a space for these memories, it is also important to be aware of where and, more so, who we are Now.”

–Stefanie Neumann

Reflections without a Story

Many of us, myself included, have very colourful stories to tell. Often, they could fill volumes of books. They are fun, and sad, and touching, and interesting to share as well as to follow. Yet, if we allow them to make too much noise, we may miss out on ack-now-legding the present moment.

What if, just for one moment, we would strip away all the stories, and just be in the now? Who would each of us be?

There would be no arguing about national histories, long grown political opinions or harsh experiences from childhood; no judgements, blame and shame. There also would be no excuses to not be who we wish to be, in this very moment.

What, in fact, would be there, is a lot of space to shine and be who we choose to be.

I am here to be that I am”

-Stefanie Neumann

Without my story, just for one moment. – How does that sound to you? Does it feel like wonder and adventure? Or does it feel scary and insecure? What is your experience?

Much love,