Here and Now – The Sweetness of Life

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Yesterday I read a post written by the beautiful Fillandra on her blog Now & Here. It is called “Hugs for the Fearful Mind – Change Focus”.

In the post she is writing about the challenges of opting out of a system that does not suit us. About the judgements we encounter and how awareness and trusting into just being in the now can soothe the scared mind and open the path for new experiences.

Everything she writes resonates so much with my heart. I really recommend reading the post.


It’s all a matter of mind: If you don’t mind it doesn’t matter.”

–Cloud Eagle

When we just can’t swim with the main stream of business oriented society it easily happens that we get a taste of life’s bitterness. Most of the conversations around us are about the hustle bustle of life, about being better, higher, further. My house, my pool, my car – you remember

Listening to those main stream conversations when we are wired differently and our truth just totally varies from the one promoted in the everyday talk we hear, can make us feel wrong. Doubt can arise: “Maybe I am just not good enough to fit in.” “Maybe something is wrong with me.” “Maybe I just have to stop dreaming and start living.”


Peace starts with the realization of what’s going on.”


And that is exactly the point. What’s going on is not that we are wrong. What’s going on is that we feel wrongness. Maybe it is the wrongness that others feel who are trapped in a system that does not serve them and who are just a bit less couraged to step out or just a bit better in pushing through and ignoring the arising health issues. Maybe it is the wrongness of the situation, because we try to fit in with a kind of company that does not suit us as much as we do not suit them.

What if I just check in for a moment and feel how it is to just be(e) me?

Breathe with that for a while: I am that I am.


The sweetness of life is to just bee.”

–Stefanie Neumann

What if our five-year-plans in life would concentrate less on how much money we will make, what position we will have in our job and how we will achieve all that? What if we would focus on how we want to feel and who we want to be(e)? Like: I want to bee happy, healthy, joyful.

What if the universe can come up with much better ways for us to experience this than we could ever think up? What if opting out of the hamster wheel, allowing ourselves to dream and look like we do nothing is the actual work for building a new world, a new space for beeingness?

What if Here and Now is all that matters?

Much love,