Surrendering to the One

Surrendering to the One © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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The leaves are falling and darkness swathes the days in a calming blanket. It is the time of the year that invites me to go inward and reflect about my path, who I am and what I have encountered during this year that is coming to a close, soon.

Just like the trees are pulling their juices back inside I may pull my own energy field back in, and with it all the precious experiences I encountered during this cycle.”

-Stefanie Neumann

The leaves are falling. They let go and surrender. They allow Mother Earth to embrace and transform them. Just like them I may surrender to what is, now. I may let go and allow transformation to replenish and renew me.

To whom or to what do I surrender?

I surrender to the One, the Divine which we all are a part of. I surrender to myself as I have created my experiences to perfectly support me on my path. I surrender to beingness and to the Here and Now.

And as I do so, I may remember to say a heartfelt Thank You for those precious gems we call experiences.

How do you celebrate these days?

Much love,