A New Approach

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Have you ever noticed how, when on a walk, the change of light can change our mood completely?

When on a glaringly bright day in late Summer the afternoon sun shines through the trees and immerses everything into liquid gold or when on a pale Autumn day the nightly blue hour dips everything into surreal blue – those are the moments when our mood easily shifts to another place. In fact, it is not only our mood that shifts. Our whole perspective changes when the dry grass of the Summer suddenly turns into warm gold or the bare tree in Autumn turns into a ghostly black silhouette.

Those changes are introduced to us by nature. But we can initiate such shifts ourselves, as well.

How often in our lives do we feel stuck and hope for a change to happen…? What, if the needed change merely requires a shift of perspective?”

-Stefanie Neumann

The laughing child outdoors, for example; if you have to concentrate on, let’s say, writing an article, it can feel unnerving to hear children yelling outdoors. But it can also feel uplifting to hear them frolicking around, outside.

The golden light on a Summer afternoon can feel eerie or heart-warming.

The black silhouettes during the blue hour can look scary or beautiful.

Which perspective feels better to you?

What helps you to shift your perspective to fun and happiness?

Much love,