Shortly Back from the Short Break

Shortly Back from the Short Break © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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As announced, last week, I am back to social networking from my short break.  With the holiday season having started, it is still quite busy – a happy busyness.

Although our celebrations usually are held comparably modest, there is a lot of planning involved.  Like many others, we have to keep an eye on the money spent while still allowing a feeling of abundance and fun.  Managing this balance requires creativity.  Fortunately we happen to be very abundant regarding this quality.

We only exchange material gifts only with a few people.  A good part of those gifts will be somewhat handmade.  Recently, my mother told me a story, how she, my aunt and uncle and my grandparents used to limit the amount of money spent for each person’s Christmas gift to five Deutschmarks. (Compared to those days 10 Euros would probably make an appropriate amount, today.)  She described how everybody got quite creative in organizing their gifts for that amount of money, keeping in mind that one wanted to find something that the gifted person would really like.  This year, we are doing it kind of like that.  Not that we have set an official limit.  But we decided to honour the spirit of this tradition.

Most of the food and a lot of the sweets for the Christmas and New Year’s festivities will be homemade, too.  I am already in the midst of preparations.  Making lists of what we need (and getting an overview as to when it is needed) is part of that.  Baking, preserving and freezing pre-cooked food is another part.  It is a lot to do, but it is also fun and the apartment smells just wonderful from all the Christmas spices.  Another benefit is that we can choose the ingredients from scratch, make it as healthy as well as tasty as possible and weave all our love and blessings into the food during cooking and baking.

In between all the preparations it is important to remember to take some time to check-in and enjoy this blessed season.  My husband Kim and I just celebrated our first wedding anniversary and in Germany we also celebrate Saint Nicolas Day on December 6th as well as the four Advent Sundays before Christmas.  Usually we come together for afternoon coffee with some cake and cookies for that and on Saint Nicholas Day the Children receive little gifts which Saint Nicholas has stuffed into their shoes at night, if they have been cleaned, properly.

During the last three years we always had a lot of administrative stuff to do towards the end of the year, also.  For example: previously, we had to take care of Kim’s residence permit, as he is US-American and we were not married, yet.  Although we like to take things with as much ease and grace as possible – which often results in “somebody” truly sending some Angels for us in the right places at the right times – dealing with the governmental offices felt rather stressful.  This year is the first one where we do not have to encounter these kinds of energies, which I personally am very grateful for.  It is something I want to especially celebrate.  Less fear, more freedom.  A good reason for a celebration.

With so much going on during the season, coupled with the increasingly high energies enlightening the earth, these days, my comeback will be a short one, as I will take some time more off to focus on the transition into the new year plus allowing some relaxation and replenishment.

Further, I did not manage, yet, to create new posts for my other two Kokopelli Bee Free related blogs.  I will be checking-in on Google+ and Pinterest, though.  Also, I am planning on publishing one more post each on Kokopelli Bee Free Blog and Kokopelli Bee Free Media, next week, before I take some more time off until the week after January 6th, 2015.  For those who don’t know:  Some say, as the new year approaches, there lies a special magic in the nights between the years from December 24th until January 6th. ☺

How are you celebrating these days?  Do you take time for magic or prayers?  Or do you follow another calendar with different dates to do so?  If so, how do you celebrate those days?

Much love,