Let Your Light Shine!

Let Your Light Shine! © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved

Dieser Beitrag ist auch in deutscher Sprache verfügbar.

After some blustery winter gales and cloudbursting rainfall around Christmas in this part of the world, the new year has started off with a couple of clear and sunny days.

Right at the beginning of my first walk of the year (on which I took the above picture) I came across an outdoor bulletin board of the Free Protestant Church in our area, saying:

I am the light.”


I choose to take this as a sign post.

These days we see and hear a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  While those might work for some, they are not exactly my personal cup of tea.

I prefer to look at life a bit differently.  Instead of changing behavioral patterns because one should do it in a special way at a special time, I prefer to change unhealthy patterns into healthy habits because I really feel that (and when) the latter is better for me.  Instead of kicking off the year by focussing what I don’t have and what I am not, I prefer a start that allows me to focus on gratitude for what I have and where I am.

How about starting the new year by shining my light by being who I am – and allowing myself to be that I am to the fullest?

I prefer to go with that.

How are you starting your new year?

Much love and a Happy New Year,