New Life

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Where I live, it started to snow, last weekend.  It is interesting how everything changes when a blanket of snow is covering the landscape.  The grey roofs of the houses start to look like they were sugar glazed.  The trees and bushes seem to shift shape and show up as creatures from a fairy tale.  The air gets clearer, the pace gets slower and silence seems to take reign over the busy hustle bustle of city life.

Nature is inviting her children to hibernate, to take a rest and dream of spring.  It seems like everything but the falling snow has stopped for a while.  Yet, new life is stirring beneath the white crystal blanket.”

-Stefanie Neumann

Reflections of the old may show up to be transformed by the light fractals that shine through the ice crystals.  Dreams of the new are being born into reality under the sheltering cover of snow.  When the sun is illuminating the landscape, again, we can see new life peeking out of the glittering, sparkling white.  It may look young and vulnerable, yet it has grown strong and clear under its crystalline cover.  Now it is ready to embrace the open air, the light and all the encounters that will come across, and soon all these experiences will bloom into a beautiful flower.

I feel that life is a lot like this, not just for flowers.  There are cycles and rhythms.  They are sign posts along our paths.  If we honour them, life flows easily, gracefully and comes to a beautiful bloom.”

-Stefanie Neumann

How do you experience the cycles along the wheel of the year?  Do you feel the rhythm in your own life?  Do you choose to follow it?

Much love,