In the Realms of Potentials

In the Realms of Potentials © Stefanie Neumann - All Rights Reserved.

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There, where is no beginning and no ending. There, where every attempt to give shape seems limiting and like an incomplete reflection. There, where no expressive doing is required. That is where the potentials of our experience can be accessed.”

-Stefanie Neumann


What you seek you already are. The seeker you believe yourself to be is a concept, an assumption, and it has nothing to do with what you truly are.”

-Enza Vita

The realms of potential… Sometimes, that is the place to be. And this is exactly what it is: a place to be – for beingness. This is where expansion happens. This is how I can step outside the box and beyond my limitations.

Some say, we can only see what we know. So, let me be that I am so that I can get to know myself better.”

-Stefanie Neumann


It is what it is, says love.”

-Erich Fried

How can I enter the realms of potential? – Maybe love is the key. I can only come as I am; as all that I am. No limitations, no judgements, no “I wish”, “I want” or “I need” can get me there. Fear will just blur my vision.

Some say, love is the opposite of fear. I say, it surely is the source of forgiveness and allowing.”

-Stefanie Neumann


Who merely loves the half, does not half love you, but rather not at all. They want to trim, amputate, distort you.”

-Erich Fried

It is true, I access the realms of potential all the time; unaware of doing so, most of the time. But do I really go there and allow myself to dive in, to see, to discover? Or do I merely dip in my big toe?

Do I truly allow myself to come as I am? Or do I cut myself into pieces and only show what I consider the most appealing part?”

-Stefanie Neumann

Do I allow space in my life to explore my potentials to the fullest?

The One that experiences itself as your body-mind is the same One that experiences itself in every other body-mind, form, or appearance that exists.”

-Enza Vita

Much love,